DOB: 11/05/1971
Blood Type: B
Home: Yokohama, Japan


1971 – Born in Muroran, Hokkaido

1990 – Graduated from Kanagawa Kenritsu Kawasaki High School

1991 – Dropped out of automotive college

1996 – Establish “CAR MAKE T&E” in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, specializing in tint and detailing

1997 – Started development and sales of aftermarket parts and sales

1999 – Renamed company to “株式会社ティーアンドイー” or “T&E CO., LTD”

2002 – Opened technical service center, “SUI:VAX”, in Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama


As a profession driver and for promotional efforts of his own products, Takahiro Ueno still continues to participate in races regardless of country. In addition to participating in drift competitions and events hosted by magazine and media organizers, he is often seen in media interviews and in product reviews. He is also actively participating in events abroad such as SEMA, IAS, NOPI and XDL.

Additionally, Takahiro Ueno is the CEO of T&E CO., LTD, an aero parts brand that focuses on designs that compliment the base car’s styling. T&E also specializes in interior and engine performance modifications, in order to offer a complete, unified, package. As the “Ueno of T&E”, he is activate in all stages of product development.

In the future, he aims to be aggressively active in all aspects of motor sports and not just drift.