DOB: 08/28/1973
Blood Type: B
Home: Ichihara, Japan

D1GP Highlights

2003 – Joins starting with round 3, placing 10th at round 4 Fuji

2004  – Starts to compete for the entire season length

2009 – Season 10th overall

2010 – Season 9th overall

2013 – Season 13th overall, solo runs 13th overall


Masayoshi Tokita works back home as a farmer. He’s a small, playful, old man and is a very sociable driver that does pit reports for D1GP. Unfortunately, he has difficulty with English.

He also has experience in Super GT as a mechanic, and is currently president of an automotive mechanic shop. Car maintenance during video shoots is one of his specialties.

Tokita’s combination with Ueno is perfect; earning them podium finishes at twin drift competitions.